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Sea Bright United Methodist Church

1893 Charles Haskell Pipe Organ

Sea Bright United Methodist Church

The organ at Sea Bright United Methodist Church is an 1893 Charles Haskell that was restored to working order in the mid-1990's by Alan Binger.

Charles Haskell, the father of famous organ builder William Haskell, was based out of Philadelphia where he originally worked as an installer for the Roosevelts—Frank and Hilborne.

The organ is a tracker/pneumatic: The main chest and pedal chests are tracker. The stop action and one rank—the Melodia—was added a few years after the original installation by being mounted on a tubed-off pneumatic action on the Great. The organ predates William Haskell's innovations: no Haskell basses, and the oboe is a real reed.

The organ was originally hand winded but the feeder bellows were removed some time ago and a blower was installed in the basement. It still has the old, double-rise bellows.

The stops are controlled by a Haskell miniature keyboard placed over the Swell manual (white keys engage stops and black keys release stops).

The organ was damaged during hurricane Sandy, but has been restored to its original working condition by Alan Binger.

(Special thanks to Alan Binger, organ curator, for providing the details above)

Swell (enclosed) 
Open Diapason8
Stopped Diapason8
Flute Harmonique4
Great (enclosed) 
Open Diapason8
Tracker/pneumatic key action (see description above)
Swell, Great, and Pedal couplers including a Swell to Great Super
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Sea Bright United Methodist Church Sea Bright United Methodist Church

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